Is it time to Spring Clean Your Smile?

Spring is often associated with new beginnings. If your dental routine has suffered during winter, now is an excellent time to get things back on track. Check out our top tips to “spring clean” your dental routine so your smile is healthy, vibrant, and ready for the new season!


Usually, people start cleaning curtains, beating rugs and organizing cabinets, but don’t forget to check your bathroom cabinet and counter:

  • Check for old, worn-out toothbrushes. Start the new season getting new ones. Those frayed bristles won’t clean all of your teeth’s many surfaces properly. If you have been sick this winter that’s another reason for a new one. Bacteria and viruses can thrive in the bristles and put you at risk to get sick again.

  • Check your mouthwash and oral rinses expiration dates. Avoid using one that’s past it’s prime as the taste and effectiveness of the product may be altered.

  • Check your toothpaste. The Australian Dental Association recommends the use of Standard fluoride toothpaste (1000-1500ppm). If you're not sure, opt for a toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Approval. Brush at least twice daily, spit out, don’t swallow and don’t rinse the fluoride toothpaste.

  • Try new floss options: Have you ever tried floss picks? These are great to keep in your purse, car or at your desk. They are a fast way to floss in between meals, before meetings or just to have a cleaner mouth.⁠


Eat fresh and seasonally! It is crucial to limit your sugar intake if you want to prevent cavities and other health issues. Spring is a perfect time to eliminate sugary foods and drinks. Fresh produce is always best. Springtime in Australia means we can choose from things like avocados, asparagus, beetroot, rhubarb, apples and blueberries. These foods aren’t just delicious and nutritious, they are tooth-healthy as well!


As you check things off your spring cleaning to-do list, make sure you have your family’s dental appointments done. Regular dental visits are important because they can help spot dental health problems early on when treatment is likely to be simpler and more affordable. They also help prevent many problems from developing in the first place.

Finally, if your smile has been looking a little dull lately, it may be the perfect time to talk to your dentist about in-office or at-home whitening options. A freshly whitened smile may be just what you need to feel ready for spring and summer!


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